Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is something taken for granted when working in your home country. Usually companies will provide a group pension plan for their staff, which is automatically deducted from their salaries. Expatriates, however, need to make their own arrangements.

With careful planning it is easy to get ahead. The earlier you start the less you will need to save on a monthly basis, which means those that plan early can enjoy a better lifestyle, both while they are working, and after they stop.

Don’t fall into the trap that many expatriates find themselves in during later life, where they haven’t saved enough and need to make lifestyle sacrifices in order to fund their retirement. Make sure you have the resources to enjoy your retirement. Whether you want to relax, travel, play golf, or sip cocktails on the beach, it is important to plan early. As an expatriate you may find that now is the best time to plan for your future. Don’t leave it too late!

Abbey International Solutions can find the perfect retirement plan for you.