David has extensive knowledge of the Uk and Offshore Financial services having worked within both sectors for over 15 years. David’s primary role is dealing with Pension Transfers from the Uk and Wealth Management of clients within the Engineering and Oil & Gas sectors in Thailand. The majority of David’s client base is made up from referral’s by existing clients and he is always happy to meet up and discuss clients Financial requirements and provide client testimonials where necessary.
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Retirement Planning

When working in their home country, most people take retirement planning for granted. Usually companies will offer a pension plan as part of an employees package, but when working overseas expatriates are left to make their own arrangements. Often it can be difficult to know who to turn to when seeking this kind of advice. Luckily, Abbey International Solutions has you covered and can offer impartial advice in this area.

Education Planning

With global education costs soaring, it is more important than ever to start planning for a child’s education early. Without pre-planning education can become a households largest expense. Plan early to avoid this pitfall.

Life Insurance

A vital, yet often overlooked, area of protection. Life insurance is imperative for the bread winner of any family. Although most expatriates will have some death in service benefit from their company, this is never enough. It is important for an expatriate to have extra cover to ensure their family will be provided for if the worst happens.

Personal & Group Medical

If health insurance is not part of an expatriates package they will need to make their own arrangements. Abbey International Solutions have strong relationships with all the major medical providers and can find the best solution for an individual, family or companies needs.

Income Protection

Should an expatriate become unable to work due to illness or injury, what would happen to their income? Income protection would provide an income for them and their family should they become too sick to work.

OffShore Banking

Abbey International Solutions can provide an offshore bank account for an expatriates every day needs.

Kindap, Ransom, War & Terror Insurance

For certain individuals in creation regions these forms of insurance can be invaluable. Contact us for a quote.

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